New Seasonal Books (Boating) - June 2009



Boating Skills and Seamanship by USCG

Developed and refined through 35 years of Coast Guard Auxiliary training courses, Boating Skills and Seamanship is your perfect introduction to recreational boating's fundamentals. Great for beginning and intermediate powerboaters alike, it offers you the basics of choosing, equipping, and handling a small to midsize powerboat.

This new edition of the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s classic boating skills manual will answer all your questions on:

  • Selecting the right boat—whether a 10-foot skiff or a 35-foot cruiser
  • Essential equipment, both required and recommended
  • Docking and anchoring
  • Boat handling and seamanship on coastal and inland waters
  • Trailering a boat
  • Navigation and the rules of the nautical road
  • Using and maintaining marine engines, drive trains, and electronics
  • Knots, splices, and line handling
  • Marine weather and marine communications
  • And much more!


Paddle Your Own Canoe by Gary & Joanie McGuffin

The most comprehensive canoeing techniques book ever is now available for the first time in paperback.

Illustrated with 600 full-color photographs, this wide-ranging book is designed with both beginner and seasoned canoeists in mind. Gary & Joanie McGuffin, North America's most celebrated canoeing couple, discuss issues rarely covered in other how-to guides, such as developing fitness and balance.

Recommended by both the American Canoe Association and the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association, Paddle Your Own Canoe features:

  • Canoeist's vocabulary
  • Selecting the right canoe
  • Selecting the right paddle
  • Portaging techniques
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Solo whitewater spins
  • Complete flatwater techniques
  • Complete whitewater techniques


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Boating and Sailing by Frank Sargeant

An excellent overview of both power boating and sailing--and focusing on the techniques shared by both. For example, anchoring, motoring, docking, trailering and other techniques are critical for both types of boaters to learn--and the most common techniques omitted by most sailing only books. It also covers weather, safety, maps, rules of the road, dealing with people on the boat, gear, types of boats--power and sailboats and the basics of sailing. New material for this edition will include information on GPS and other marien electronics including wireless mapping and navigation systems, sailboat maintenance from sails to rigging, fuel-savers such as four stroke outboards and HPDI, the latest seasickness cures, advances in PFDs, and getting your captains license!



The Perfect First Mate by Joy Smith

From packing and planning to enjoying life aboard and ashore, The Perfect First Mate helps boaters streamline tasks and maximize efficiency, safety, and comfort while leaving plenty of time for pleasure. Contents include storage issues, moving and sleeping comfortably below decks, keeping the cabin warm/cool, counteracting boat odor, mold, and mildew, and dealing with trash, laundry, and marine toilets. One entire section is devoted to food: provisioning and storage, equipping the galley, and cooking, with original recipes included. Smith also provides an in-depth discussion of how to protect against the elements, avoid injury, and deal with the logistics of sailing, from planning, navigation, and weather to performing First Mate duties on deck.


The Practical Encyclopedia of Boating by John Vigor

Boating encompasses an impressive array of disciplines, and every sailor or powerboater worth his or her salt is, by turns, a seaman, navigator, mechanic, electrician, painter, carpenter, meteorologist, medic, cook, and even, on occasion, a diplomat. Which is why it is so surprising that, until now, there has been no single-source reference to which a mariner could turn for practical, up-to-date information in all these areas.

The Practical Encyclopedia of Boating is the first guide to all practical­­and many theoretical­­aspects of recreational boating under sail and power. From seamanship to maintenance, navigation to boat design and construction, nautical lore and esoterica to the science of how things work, this handy reference gives sailors and powerboaters quick access to just the right amount of information needed to answer most questions and solve most problems.


Cradle to Canoe by Rolf Kraiker

You're never too young to go camping and canoeing. Certified canoeing instructors Rolf and Debra Kraiker have paddled thousands of miles together. Their sons, Kyle and Brendan, ages 9 and 12, have logged more wilderness miles than most adults three times their ages. In this compilation of practical advice and personal anecdotes, the Kraikers, both certified canoeing instructors, provide expert guidance on such topics as introducing children to the wilderness, preparing formula in the bush, choosing and packing food, selecting the right camping gear and clothing, training young paddlers, ensuring safety in all situations, and campsite activities to keep young campers, from infant to teenager, occupied and entertained.



The Boat Data Book by Ian Nicholson

The Boat Data Book is a treasure trove of invaluable technical information for builders, designers, surveyors, owners and anyone maintaining their own boat. This is the essential reference for anyone wanting to know the breaking strength of stainless steel rigging wire, the correct height for a galley top, the recommended size for seacocks, or what length a mooring rope should be. A must-have reference for owners and professionals.


Sorensen’s Guide to Powerboats by Eric Sorenson

What makes a boat owner happy? Eric Sorensen and J. D. Power & Associates answer that question in detail in this revised edition of Sorensen’s Guide to Powerboats. Now incorporating results from J. D. Powers’ Boat Competitive Information Study, this guide tells you everything you need to know before opening your wallet. From runabouts and pontoons to express cruisers and bassboats, the book covers it all, explaining the implications of different hull designs, construction methods, engine technologies, and more.



Canada's Best Canoe Routes by Alister Thomas

Explore 37 of the best paddling routes found from the Atlantic to Pacific to Arctic. Some of Canada's finest canoeists relate first-hand accounts of their favorite canoe trips - lake and river, freshwater and saltwater, wild and urban, peaceful and harrowing. This unprecedented collection also features 24 profiles of such paddling luminaries as James Raffan, the legendary Mason family, Gary and Joanie McGuffin, Kevin Callan, Hap Wilson, Kirk Wipper, and others. In addition, three noted conservationists outline plans for protecting North America's wild waterways.


The Canoe: A Living Tradition by John Jennings

Rare archival images, maps, artwork and stunning photographs of vintage canoes are included. Produced with the support and collaboration of scholars and museums throughout the world, The Canoe also features:

  • High-tech sport canoes and kayaks used in contemporary Olympic Games
  • 400 beautiful images of canoe craftsmanship
  • Step-by-step photos and explanations for building a traditional bark canoe
  • Profile of the famous model-builder, Tappan Adney
  • Detailed maps, glossary, source list and index.