New Seasonal Books (Winter Snows) - December 2008


The Snowshoe Experience: A Beginner's Guide to Gearin Up and Enjoying Winter Fitness by Claire Walter

The hottest thing in winter sports today is snowshoeing. It offers a great cardiovascular work-out for people of every age and fitness level. It's a low-impact sport, much simpler and safer than skiing. And modern aluminum snowshoes (the wood-and-moosehide models have been retired) are inexpensive, lightweight, sturdy, and look cool. In The Snowshoe Experience Claire Walter acts as a kind of snowshoeing personal trainer, showing novices how to get maximum enjoyment out of an ancient wintertime activity that has become today's coolest cold-weather sport.


Snowmen: Snow Creatures, Crafts, and Other Winter Projects by P. & Jonath, L. Cole

Martha Stewart meets Play with Your Food in this nostalgic and playful book about everyone's favorite winter pastime. Illustrated throughout with four-color photographs, Snowmen offers inspiration and easy-to-follow instructions for constructing fantastic winter wonderlands. Using food and other simple props found in every home, anyone can build these delightful snow characters-from classics like Frosty and Santa to clever originals like Snowby Dick the Great White Whale and Jackie SnOw (with kerchief and dark glasses). Carve an Arctic Hearth from a snowbank or build a Winter Palace fit for a Snow Queen. A section on "no-snow" men will inspire the snow-deprived with recipes for Marshmallow Snowmen, Macaroon Men, and beautiful Keepsake Cards to commemorate your cool constructions. Spiral bound with laminated pages that make it perfect for use in the field, Snowmen delivers plenty of fun ways to enjoy winter's glitter.


Snowboarding Skills: The back-to-basics essentials for all levels by Cindy Kleh

This best-selling guide is ideal for those starting out as well as the more experienced boarders looking to fix a persistent problem or just improve their skills. Along with dozens of color photographs, Snowboarding Skills features:
  • Pro tips from the world's top boarders
  • Action photo sequences with explanatory diagrams
  • Directional arrows showing exactly how and where to turn
  • "Don't" and "do" photo comparisons
  • Troubleshooting sidebars
  • Lessons to improve skills
  • Explanations on understanding snow and weather conditions
  • Safety tips and equipment maintenance
  • Hill etiquette, avoiding injury, and more.

From the basics of standing up and stopping to the challenges of pivoting and jumping, Snowboarding Skills covers everything a boarder needs to know.



How To Build An Igloo by Norbert Yankielun

How are the ice blocks of igloos so perfectly formed and fitted, able, it's been said, to withstand the weight of a polar bear? How can you determine if the fresh snow that's fallen outside your front door is as good to make a slab shelter with as a snowman? What is a slab shelter, anyway? For that matter, what are drift caves, spruce traps, snow block walls, and bivy bag shelters, and how would you go about building them, whether for winter fun or protection from the weather?

In this instructive, whimsical, illustrated manual, Norbert E. Yankielun, a seasoned cold regions explorer and researcher, takes readers step-by-step through the process of constructing and inhabiting a range of useful snow structures—from the most basic to the more complex. Introductory material on igloo physics, proper winter hydration, fueling tips, and much more, is also included. 100 illustrations.



The Horse in Winter: How to Care for Your Horse During the Most Challenging Season of the Year by Susan McBane

This is a practical handbook to help horse owners make it through the cold winter months with a happy, healthy horse. Although winter is only one of the seasons, most horse owners spend nine months of the year getting ready for it, getting through it, and getting over it. It is the hardest and most unpleasant time of year for owners, and the one in which horses can suffer most due to particular health, management, and work related difficulties. "The Horse in Winter" presents winter-management practices that really work. In a thoroughly practical and accessible way, it explains how the horse's bodily processes work and relates them to sound horse-care principles, giving many time- and labour-saving tips along the way.


The Ice Storm: An Historic Record in Photographs of January 1998 by Mark Abley

In January 1998, five days of freezing rain, up to 100 millimetres, fell in some parts of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. About 2 million homes – more than 5 million people – were plunged into darkness for up to a month in the dead of winter. It was, indisputably, the storm of the century.



Prairie Winterscape: Creative Gardening for the Forgotten Season by Barbara Kam and Nora Bryan

For most, the first hard frosts are a sign to put the garden to bed until spring, which in some places and some years can be as many as 260 days away. That_s a long time for an avid gardener to be "on hold," yearning to work the soil and smell the roses.

But it needn't be so.

By selecting trees and shrubs with dramatic silhouettes and colorful berries and bark, creating ornamental focal points that are enhanced by delicate rims of frost or a light blanket of snow, and leaving flower borders filled during the winter months with a collection of sturdy plants and grasses boasting interesting seed heads, prairie gardeners can redefine their favorite pastime to include the "forgotten season." It's an idea whose time has come.



Secrets of Warmth: For Comfort or Survival by Hal Weiss

Living our lives in well-heated homes, cars, and offices, we rarely view hypothermia or frostbite as anything that will happen to us. Yet, as Hal Weiss explains, something as simple as becoming stranded on a winter commute, or getting wet and cold at a football game can lead to problems. In this simple, well-organized book, Weiss guides readers through the basics of how the body loses heat; how to determine the best clothing combinations for any activity; and how to prepare for and survive a cold-weather emergency. Winter outdoor enthusiasts will find tips on how to camp in winter along with basic plans for types of snow caves and shelters. Additional sections cover hypothermia prevention and treatment; treatment for frostbite; and tips for stocking your home and car with an emergency kit.



Stories from the Ice Storm by Mark Abley

Even in the dark and bitter cold of a freezing January, life, in all its variety, had to go on. At a time when the simplest of domestic chores became a test of ingenuity and endurance, people got married, babies were delivered, journeys were undertaken. Here are stories of all that, and more. There’s the inspiring story of the elderly goldfish, the train-ride from hell, the fifteen problem chimps, the exploding stove and the burning tree. There’s a story from an eighty-five-year-old poet, a child of ten, and even one from a dog.

The destruction and the human cost reminded people of a war. Though the “enemy” this time was Nature, and in many ways looked beautiful, the ice storm brought real hardship and death. But like a war it also brought people together as never before, and gave Canadians something to remember, whether happy, inspiring, or sad, for the rest of their lives.


Wonders of the Winter Landscape: Shrubs and Trees to Brighten the Cold-Weather Garden by Vincent A. Simeone

Although North America suffers through several dreary months of winter each year, this guide describes trees and shrubs that make the barren winter landscape a wonderland of texture and color. Part one of the book conveys the elegance of deciduous trees and shrubs with an extreme attention to detail—Persian parrotia offers twisted, sinuous branches and exfoliating bark; witch hazel presents distinctive yellow and orange straplike flowers; and beautyberry produces vivid purple berries the birds cannot resist. A shorter second section discusses the virtues of evergreens, both broadleaf and coniferous, and includes two useful appendices that cover evergreen care and list deer-resistant trees and shrubs.